Program/Class Goals

Pass through any classroom where hammering, sawing, and sanding are taking place, and you will hear and feel the energy of joy and creation and a feeling of tremendous pride - “Look what I built!”  In the Woodworker on Wheels classes, students will learn to use traditional hand tools while having lots of fun.  They will experience the joy and gain a sense of pride from building a beautiful, creative project with their own hands. The attention they will learn to give to their project plans, along with the measuring, marking, and problem solving they will use in the building process will enhance critical life skills that will serve them well throughout their lives as students and workers. Besides, people love having handy people around; so let’s help our children learn to be handy!

  • Children will learn the fun (and value) of making something yourself and feeling proud of this accomplishment AND your new ability/skills.

  • Children will gain an interest and develop the resilience needed to build, problem solve, and fix things.

  • Children will learn the safe and proper way to work with hand tools like saws, hammers and drills

  • Children will acquire critical life skills and habits such as the ability to follow directions and stay on task, the patience to stick with a project to completion, the value of attention to detail, and the self confidence to believe in yourself.

What does a Woodworker on Wheels program look like?

Beginner Woodworking Program

Students will learn the basics of woodworking. In a structured environment, they will learn how to be safe when operating tools. These students will be building basic structures like birdhouses, stools, and bookstands.  

As the “Woodworker on Wheels,” Scott is committed to bringing the joy of building with one’s own hands to the children of Baltimore.
— ORCHKIDS - Lockerman Bundy Elementary School
  • 10 Classes (60-90 minutes classes)

  • 10-15 students (1:4 ratio staff to student)

  • Ages 6-14

  • One head teacher with mentor/volunteers

  • Tools include hammer, saw, drill, screwdrivers, sanders, and more

  • Projects include - Frames, birdhouses, stools, bookstand, and more


Cost: Approximately $1,500 (all tools and supplies included)

Intermediate Woodworking Program

The intermediate class will revisit many of the topics taught in the beginners program. Students will further their skillset and work with more advanced tools, such as the drill press, jig saw, and sanders. More complex projects include small tables, and bookcases.

  • 10 classes (60-90 minutes

  • 8-10 students (depends on the age and experience)

  • Ages 10-15

  • One head teacher with mentors

  • Tools include all hand tools plus jig saw, drill press, and sanders.

  • Projects include small tables, bookcases, etc.

Cost: Approximately $1,500 (all tools and supplies included)