"Woodworker on  Wheels" is creating partnerships with Baltimore City schools, Charter schools After School programs, Community Centers, and eventually facilities for senior citizens to give the opportunity of creating with one’s own hands to people all over the city, especially those in underserved schools and communities.  Our partnerships so far include:

ORCHkids at Lockerman Bundy Elementary School (since 2015)

Just as the BSO’s Orchkids program has proven the wonderful transformation that takes place when you put an instrument into the hands of a child, Woodworker on Wheels brings the same joyful and creative learning to children through the hands on experience of building.  Sponsored by Orchkids at Lockerman Bundy Elementary School, Woodworker on Wheels program has taught young children the skills and patience to build projects like birdhouses from scratch with hand tools.  Can you believe it!

Holistic me After School Program at Robert Coleman Elementary School (since 2015)

As part of the teaching core in the Holistic Me after school program, Woodworker on Wheels has taught children from the Kindergarten to 5th grade how to use a hammer, saw, drill, etc. to create works of art like frames, boxes, and birdhouses. While the children are having fun, they are also learning critical life skills like attention to detail, following directions, problem solving, patience, and a commitment to a goal -  skills that will serve them well as students and workers in the real world.

Friends School of Baltimore (since 2010)


Friends School of Baltimore is a college preparatory K-12 independent school in north Baltimore.  It’s Quaker philosophy recognizes the importance of a broad and balanced educational experience for its students - academics, arts, and athletics.  To this end, students may take a number of industrial arts classes such as woodworking, stage craft, or robotics.  In the middle school woodworking class, students learn basic and intermediate woodworking skills that allow them to work on more sophisticated projects like stools, tables, bookcases, etc.


Lillie May Carroll Jackson School (starting in 2016)

McKim Center After School Program (starting in 2016)