How Does Woodworking Help Kids?

It starts with the joyful experience of creating things with their own hands and being proud of what they’ve accomplished. Children who participate in our woodworking classes learn some specific building and measuring skills through the use of hand tools, but more importantly, they gain critical life skills along the way. While building a birdhouse from scratch, our students learn how to follow directions, calculate and measure accurately, be attentive, focused, patient, and solve construction challenges. As they learn to commit themselves to a project and learn from their mistakes, their creativity comes alive and these new confident selves emerge, “Look what I made!” The skills they learn through their woodworking projects will help them in all aspects of their lives as students and creative people.

How Can I Help?

Working with our students gives you, as a mentor, the opportunity to see the world from their eyes. Focused on creating and building, you will develop a partnership where your mentee will look to you for support and guidance. Together you will use tools that have been around for centuries, but very few children are exposed to anymore. You will help them develop life skills and tap into their creative selves where a “can do” sense of confidence emerges. By joining them in this creating experience, you will have a lasting impact on them while helping open up to them a world of excitement and determination.

We understand that not everyone has the time to be hands on mentor/volunteer, but you can still make a difference by sponsoring a child or a school program package and giving children this opportunity that they would otherwise never get. Your donation allows our program to be offered in school, after school programs, recreation centers, and even senior citizen facilities at a very low cost to these organizations.. Donating to our program helps fund the creative minds of our youth and allows them to accomplish goals and see new opportunities for themselves.

  • Scott combines his passion for “eldering” children with his joy of woodworking in his life as a craftsman and teacher. See how he reveals the beauty of nature in his bowls and the “joy of creating” with one’s hands in his woodworking classes.
  • Scott’s woodworking classes teach children of all ages important life skills such as attention to detail, ability to follow directions, improved problem solving, critical thinking, and resilience. Their experience with learning in a creative and supportive environment develops in the children a wonderful sense of accomplishment, joy, pride, and self confidence.
  • Scott’s program is also committed to creating mentoring opportunities for people high school age and older. This mentorship development in Scott’s work helps his students accomplish their goals while giving older students a chance to participate in the joy of this process. Relationships are built between the mentors and children that not only benefits the young learners, but also the older mentors and will help build a more cohesive and harmonious city of Baltimore