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Woodworker on Wheels provides a mentoring program that builds bridges between the communities of Baltimore.

Our committed Mentors feel a sense of purpose and experience the joy of helping the young students develop important life skills and accomplish real goals while giving older students a chance to participate in the joy of this process.

How do I sign up to be a mentor?

Sign up by clicking here.

What are the typical hours and days of the classes?

Most mentoring opportunities are in the after school programs. These programs generally run from 3:30-6:00 Monday through Friday.

How many hours or days do I need to commit to?

This can vary. Ideally a mentor would consistently remain with a class of children that would meet once or twice a week for 1-2 hour sessions. Most classes will run 10-15 weeks.

Will I need training?

Yes. Every mentor will go through an orientation program that will explain the goals of the program, help mentors learn the skills they will be teaching, and understand how to address behavior issues when they arise.

What about my transportation?

Occasionally transportation to the school and back can be provided, but in most cases, transportation must be provided by the mentor.